How to get your content to convert to sales

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy the most important factor is undoubtedly content:

A consistent stream of quality content posted on your site and shared on your social channels is unmatchable for organic traffic, so let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can make the most out of your content.

5 top tips:

Quality is Key

Making sure your posts are high quality is essential. The goal is to produce enough great content that you not only retain readership, but your work also attracts a steady stream of new readers and you become more recognised within the community as a knowledge leader.


It can be tricky to find topics that haven’t already been covered in depth already. However, one thing you can do is add your own personal edge to the content by incorporating information specific to your business such as your locality. Putting your spin on the content not only boosts your contents uniqueness but it gives readers another reason to follow you.

Style of Writing

The style in which your write is just as important as the content itself. It gives your business a voice, improves the value of your posts and helps retain readership. Here are some golden rules to stick to:

  • Don’t be tempted into using unnecessarily large words to lift your posts credentials. Though this is an easy trap to fall into, readers prefer quick and easy reads. Make sure your post is clear and friendly to boost the odds of a reader being genuinely interested!

  • Don’t fill your writing with waffle simply to increase its length. SEO guides use 250-300 words as the bench mark for most posts, so unless you feel you have more valuable information to add, keep it under 300 words.

  • Above all else make sure your content is relevant and full of useful information for the reader, short and simple facts help engage the reader and give them what they’re searching for.

Be A Provider of Answers

One of the most common things people will search for online is an answer to a problem they’re facing. If the title and content of your writing serves as an answer to a question, Google will pick this up far easier and the chance of you ranking higher for your content will increase!

Top Tip: Start your posts with the answer at the beginning, then elaborate in whichever ways are appropriate. People like fast content just as much as they like content that’s easy to read.

Sourcing Accuracy

Unless you’re writing an opinion piece it’s important to support any exact statistics or figures you give with reliable sources. If you’re able to substantiate your claims, people will become more trusting of you and read your future work more often. Quality links to verifiable sources are also a great way for Google to understand what you’re writing about faster, helping you further with your SEO.

Now you've got great content, get it out there!

If you’re producing good quality content using the above tips consistently, over time your following will naturally grow. But there are ways you can help speed it along!

• Share your content on social media and time it with appropriate hashtags

• Look for people asking questions your blog topics are answering and post it as a helpful response

• Look for local businesses, networks or groups who you think would benefit from the content your producing and email it over to them

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