Can I share my content more than once?

When it comes to re-sharing the same piece of content, there is a definite art to it. So, we’ve put together this quick guide to help:

Firstly, consider the purpose of re-sharing your content. You want to make sure that what your re-posting adds both business and customer value. Is it a weekly or monthly deal? If so, it makes sense to share again when appropriate. However, bombarding your followers with the exact same content repeatedly will not only produce a feed lacking diversity, but it can also cost you your followers.

Key things to bear in mind when deciding what to share:

  • Nobody likes spam, imagine how you would accept viewing repeat content
  • Provide value; if it’s something positive then people would care less seeing it twice
  • Remember that your feed is for customer viewing, not for yourself

So, you've decided to reshare:

In many cases you could argue you need to share content more than once to ensure it will reach as much of your following as possible, given the varying times they may be online or whether your post has even reached their news feeds. To this end there is an art to the re-post and if mastered can produce great reach without compromising your feed quality.

The next step is to consider your platform:


Out of all the platforms Instagram is the least friendly for reposting. This is due to the visual nature of it. Think of Instagram as a magazine, if you were flipping through the glossy pages and kept seeing the same content every six pages it wouldn’t be appealing. Occasional reposting for certain deals can be done but try shaking up the background colour or font colour so your feed retains that important diversity.


Unlike Instagram, Facebook content can either be text, an image or combination of the two. This allows you to share the same message in a variety of mediums. So perhaps leave a week before attempting to put the same piece of content on your page again or ensure that you’ve staggered enough unique content between your repeat posting.


Twitter is the most forgiving platform when it comes to reposting. If you look at large companies they often will repost their content two or three times, deleting the previous reiterations in order to boost the posts reach but not get repetitive. This is a great tactic if you have a semi-sizable following. If, however you are still growing your following then try to stay away from this and instead focus on diverse posts which are most likely to appeal to your audience and potential followers.

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