Why shaking up your content matters

Social media content comes in all shapes and sizes! You’ll notice however that businesses which thrive online have mastered the balance of variety to create a connection between their businesses content and their customer base.

You may be looking at social media purely as a means to advertise and drive sales, but pushing that product-based content alone is unlikely to resonate with your audience, create engagement and ultimately grow your profiles. Because of this we like to remind businesses that variety is the spice of life and it’s great to experiment with new topics and types of content to see how your following reacts.

If you feel stuck in a content rut, try out some of our hot tips below:

Try adding some emojis to your posts.

Not only do these brighten up your copy, they help you posts stand out on someone’s feed!

Running an offer? Create some bold artwork to catch your follower’s attention

Accompany this with a short status. Often, we see businesses try to fit all their juicy information into the caption, but it sadly ends up turning something exciting into a looks text wall! Keep it short, sweet and impactful to maximise the likelihood of your followers paying attention and watch those likes come in.

Write a blog

Blogs don’t have to be time consuming or scary, simply pick a topic that’s relevant to your profession or location and get typing. Own a restaurant? Write about your star dish of the month and how people can replicate it at home. Remember your followers will love learning something quickly so keep it short, sweet and informative.

Engage with your neighbourhood

Retweeting, sharing, commenting and focusing your content on great things happening around you will break up your feed of internal content and encourage other local businesses and potential customers to follow you.

Do you get great reviews? Share them!

Screenshot your favourite reviews and post them as content, not only will this work as subtle advertising it shows how much you love your customers and following.

Size isn't everything

Posts don’t even have to be that long, you can experiment with varying lengths, keeping some posts simple and in other you can elaborate.

Ultimately, think about what your followers may want to see from your business, then mix that in with a blend of content concerning your local area, and seasonal events that you should be marketing as a business.

It’s undeniable that marketing is very important, so make sure you’re putting in the effort to do it properly.

If time is your restraint, you can always outsource, we happen to know just the right people to help you out!

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