How can I get more Facebook page likes?

We often speak to clients who are convinced the soul parameter for their online success is the number of page likes they have.

Our response is always to focus on the quality not the quantity of likes and trust that a good social strategy and steady stream of content should organically deliver a growth in page likes. However, if your page is new or doesn’t have many likes the reach your posts get is going to be capped. But fear not! We’ve put together some quick-tips to boost your following which you could put into practise today and start to see those likes roll in.

Captivate your customers to grow your audience

Take a look at your current content, is it consistent? is it relevant? If the answer is yes to both then take a look at which ‘types’ of posts are getting the most attention.

The best way to grow your following organically is to create a steady stream of content which both your current and future customers are interested in. Overtime, this will attract quality page likes from people who are actually interested in your business and will engage with your content.

If you answered no to relevancy and are stuck for ideas, then check out our blog on ‘how to shake up your content’ for some inspiration.

Use Facebook advertising to get more page likes

A quicker way to grow your page likes can be to use Facebook’s paid advertising tool ‘Facebook Ads’. By putting some money into this platform you can create an ad that will target people who are likely to like your page.

Results here can be varied and often expensive so make sure you speak to someone who is knowledgeable first before handing over your card details, but it is a sure fire way to grow a brand-new page that may be getting little to no exposure at the beginning of its journey.

Give people a reason to follow your Facebook page

If you’re offering your audience something for free, especially if the ‘prize’ is valued over £50, most people will easily trade a page like or post share for a chance of winning.

Results here are twofold: you’ll potentially get a lot of low-quality likes as people who aren’t interested in your page but just want something for nothing will get involved, which can dilute the quality of your follower pool. However, the growth achieved from an eye-catching giveaway cannot be denied, posts can reach across the world through shares, giving you reach that is extremely hard to attain through normal organic posting.

Is it okay to buy Facebook likes to grow my page?

We’re not here to tell you what to do, but… purchasing likes is never recommended! We’ve included it here as it’s a question we’ve been asked previously and we still see a lot of pages with fake followings.

Though this can seem appealing with various companies offering hundreds of page likes for a few pounds, buying likes has no guarantee to give you any quality followers. Though you may get a handful of real accounts it is highly unlikely that they will be in your area and interested in your business.

The majority of the likes will be from fake or hacked accounts and really only serve to make your page superficially appear popular. However, this comes at a price as  you’ll be limiting the reach of your posts to people who would actually be interested in your current follower pool, as Facebook will only show your posts to a small number of your actual follower count in order to encourage paid advertising.

As with most things digital, the best approach is to generate quality content that your target audience will be interested in and engage with. Though this is a gradual process using certain post types and incentives can help speed things up and give your likes a boost.

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