Consistency is key!

Brand consistency and why it matters.

Consistency is probably one of our most used words, both in the office and to our clients. Usually we’re focusing on how important a steady stream of consistent content is but there’s another lesser known, equally as important area to discuss. The importance of not just showing up consistently but in the same style, tone of voice and branding no matter where your audience finds you.

What is brand consistency?

Simply put, it’s ensuring that everything you do is within the guidelines you’ve set that help solidify for a customer what your brand looks, sounds and acts like. You want your visuals, messaging and overall tone to reflect your business’s vision and values so the overall style becomes an identity.

Why is it important?

When you show up not just in terms of frequency but with brand consistency others start to recognise you. Once you become recognisable you begin to build rapport with your audience and this leads to increased trust. Trust is the goal here as once your audience believe and identify with you, they will decide to go to you as your business is a brand they want to buy from.

What should be consistent?

  • Your logo and how you use it
  • Your colour scheme and font
  • Any icons, graphics or photography style
  • Your brands messaging: ask yourself, what do I want to say?
  • Style of writing: ask yourself, how do I want to sound?
  • The type of content you’re posting
    • Decide what topics you want to cover and stay consistent. Your audience will be following you for a reason and you don’t want them to be confused about what your business does by posting content which doesn’t relate to you.

What happens if I'm not?

Ultimately if you are not easily recognisable, three things happen. Firstly, your brand won’t stand out from the rest and you will be lost among your competitors. Secondly, without brand consistency you will confuse your audience, meaning you’re less likely to be memorable to them. Lastly, potential customers will get mixed signals and won’t be as clear that what you’re marketing could be for them. 

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