A Social Media Guide for Businesses During COVID-19

It is an understandably concerning time, with wide-spread uncertainty about what the next few weeks will bring or what the impact of a lockdown extension will be for businesses.

In all of this noise we wanted to put a quick guide together to help you navigate your social media marketing, so you have one thing less to think about!

Up your vigilance

With the situation ever evolving, people more so now than ever are logging onto social media to stay connected and updated on all things COVID-19. So it’s important that you monitor your profiles, not just for increased messages and comments from concerned customers but to engage with the local community. There are plenty of local bloggers and businesses doing their best to promote home-grown independents during this time, so you want to make sure you’re active and engaged with your online community to make the most of these opportunities.

Communication is key

During this confusing time you want to make sure that customers are crystal clear on what you’re offering and when you’re offering it. For example, if you’re a restaurant and are now delivery only – make sure that this is clear across all of your platforms, pop an update in your bios and where possible pin a post to the top of your newsfeed updating customers on your changes. If your business has had opening hour changes or your premises has closed completely, again ensure your socials are informing customers and always update your hours on Facebook and Google. If you are one of these businesses which has had to stop trading temporarily, once you’ve updates your platforms to reflect this why not use them to inform the local community and promote other businesses? Not only will this keep your following engaged but you’ll be putting your best digital foot forward and may even pick up some new followers in the process!  

Adjust your marketing

If this outbreak has proven anything, it’s the power of digital. We know this isn’t a one size fits all so we’ve broken down two strategies below:

Your business can go online

In these difficult times it’s all about adapting and thinking outside of the box about how your business can continue to bring more offerings online. If you’ve been able to provide online offerings then make sure that this is the main message you’re pushing through your social media and email marketing.


Once you’ve got a steady stream of posts showing off your products and online service take your content a step further. Is your restaurant now available on UberEats or JustEat? Keep an eye out for when they’re offering customers free delivery for independents and make sure you inform your followers. If you’re in eCommerce, think about products or services you can provide which will help people during this time. Comfy loungewear, home improvements, online cooking classes or anything and everything to keep kids entertained – keep your content relevant and you’re more likely to see a boost in sales.

Your business has had to take a pause

If your business is in the worst of both positions where you’ve been forced to temporarily close and are also unable to offer an online alternative, consider promoting vouchers which will not only help your cash-flow but ensure that once all of this has passed your customers can still have a great experience. Communities are eager to support local businesses during this time so making a range of vouchers which cover as many aspects of offering as possible and using social media to promote these is a great option.

Once these short-term strategies are in place, it’ll help you to keep your eye on the long-term and hopefully within a few months we will all be back to business as usual. Until then, if you have any questions feel free to pop us over an email or pick up the phone, we’d love to help.

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