I got a negative review, what should I do?

In the age of social media dominance, customers have the tools to make their grievances known in a very public manner through negative reviews.

If not handled correctly and in good time there is potential for the fallout to be very damaging, especially for small businesses with lots of local competition.

There’s always going to be some people who completely disagree with how you do things. Wherever there’s an opportunity to rate a business online you will almost always find 1-star reviews.

So how should you respond to negative comments?

The answer you should give depends on the nature of the comment. If someone is being directly insulting and nothing more, then there’s no point in replying. However, if they are coming forward with a genuine complaint then a professional and friendly response can do wonders for your public image. This is especially helpful for anyone else viewing your page.

In these situations, negative reviews can become a positive thing. The opportunity to prove your ability to handle criticism and improve your business as a result is an invaluable skill that guarantees to contribute to success.

Great customer service is one of the fundamental pillars of any business. Customers can often be very forgiving of mistakes if you’re friendly and apologetic at the right times.

So if you find yourself with a negative review, remain calm and imagine the best possible way for you to reply with the health of your business at the forefront of your mind. The most important thing to remember at all times - managing a problem well can make that problem useful.

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